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Electronic Toy Recycling in British Columbia

April 26, 2013 by caroline


Great news for British Columbia, CBRSC offers free electronic toy recycling!

Easily find a location near you by using this link to search by city or using your postal code or call 604-732-9253.

Here is the list of what they do (and do not) accept:


Accepted Toy Products

Accepted Toy Products:

  • Plush Textiles with Electronics – electronic dolls and stuffed animals
  • Metal or Hard Plastic Toys with Electronics
  • Remote Control Vehicles
  • Ride On Vehicles
  • Hand Held Game Devices
  • Gaming Devices with PC /TV
  • Electronic Toy Promotional Items – like those sold with meals or other items marketed to children

NOT Accepted Toy Products:

  • Electronic Books (even if shaped like a toy)
  • Larger console gaming systems (that plug into a separate screen display like a television)*
  • Electronic Home Holiday decorations
  • Juvenile products, such as strollers, cribs, high chairs
  • Flashlights (even if they look like a toy)
  • Any Holiday, Tree or Home Decorations
  • Any toy without a battery or electrical plug

*Some of the above products are covered by the Return-It Electronics recycling program. While the Electronic Toy Recycling program was developed for electronic toys designed for children 14 years old or younger, this program and Return-It Electronics will cooperate so that all electronic toys are recycled.

The Electronic Toy Recycling program will help divert the approximately two million electronic toys that are currently being landfilled. The plastic, glass, metal, and aluminum will be recycled helping to reduce pollution, save energy, and keep hazardous materials out of the environment. Municipalities will spend less on waste transportation, landfilling and incineration.


Two million toys…just in British Columbia…that is amazing.  Think what we can do across Canada and beyond. If you live outside of British Columbia, inquire about recycling program with your municipality.



  1. Lindsay Cyr says:

    What a great program, I am located in NB and I don’t believe we have a program like this here, but I am going to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

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